On defining feminism

So feminism is a pretty loaded word.

Bra burning, man hating, unattractive, hateful, screaming, close-minded, crazy women.

While I’m not going to deny that some feminists are the above mentioned things (looks are irrelevant though) that’s not what feminism is about. Just like with any movement there tends to be radicals. And just like with any movement everyone tends to focus on those radicals and the point and purpose of the movement is lost. Instead of feminism being seen as the wonderfully inspiring and inclusive group of human beings that it is, it is reduced down to the minority of radical activists.

What I’m trying to say is feminism is more than what mainstream media is portraying it as. We shouldn’t ‘redefine’ feminism, because the definition is already pretty rad. All we need to do is redefine it socially. Those who don’t understand what feminism really is aren’t to blame. The movement is complicated and it carries an insane amount of conflicting connotations, but here we go.

In the words of lots of different dictionaries and me, feminism is the theory of social, political and economic equality of all sexes.

See? Its not that scary. No bra burning mentioned, no cursing of men. Just equality.

If you love makeup and dresses but also love equal rights, you’re a feminist. If you’re pro-life and believe that women should be paid the same as men, you’re a feminist. If your religion calls for modest dress, but you believe that modesty and consent are not synonymous, you’re a feminist. If you’re a man who believes in equal access to education, you’re a feminist. If you want to be a stay-at-home mother, but believe marriage should be a choice, you’re a feminist. If you believe in human rights, you’re a feminist.

Feminism is not a bad word. Feminism is not something we should be afraid of. No matter what your gender, race, class, identity, orientation, or political views are, we as humans should all believe in equality. Don’t be afraid to stand up for human rights and don’t be afraid to identify yourself as a feminist. As a brilliant feminist once said “Fear of a name increases fear of the thing itself.”

Every good wish,


pc: https://wordsbynicolefroio.com/tag/feminism/page/3/



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