Low Waste Living Pt 1: Periods (deals included!)

Hi y’all! Welcome to a new series we are doing. Its all about sustainable living and how to create the least amount of waste possible. Let us know if there’s any subject you want covered!

To all my environmentally concerned menstruaters out there, this one’s for you. I know each month I used to have a bit of a guilt complex about how much waste I’m creating (average of 150lbs over your lifetime according to PERIOD). From plastic applicators, to the chemicals in most products, menstruation can destroy the environment and your emotional state. Fear not! You have options.

The first (and my personal choice): the menstrual cup. Menstrual cups are exactly what they sound like. They are usually made of medical grade silicon and are inserted in the vagina to sit just under the cervix. They can take a bit of time to figure out, but are well worth the work. You can leave a menstrual cup in for anywhere from 8-12 hours depending on the size/brand/etc. This makes for worry free nights and enables busy busy days.

Your second choice is period panties. These are just underwear with absorbent technology made of cotton, anti-microbal lining, super absorbent fabric and a leak resistant barrier. They come in different thicknesses for different flows and at max capacity hold up to two tampons worth. I haven’t personally gotten a chance to try them out yet, but I’ve heard they’re wonderful for overnight or doubling with another method. Get $5 off with the code softriotradicals!

Then there’s organic pads and tampons. Most organic pads or tampons are free of nasty chemicals. There’s a fair amount that have either cardboard or no applicators. These are healthier for vaginas and the lack of an applicator creates less waste.

Next, reusable pads. These are just like pads, except they don’t get thrown out. Most brands are organic cotton and come in hella cute patterns. If you are crafty you can make them yourself. Just use ’em then wash ’em!

Sea sponges are yet another option. These are straight out of the ocean and work in the same way as tampons. They are a soft sponge that last about 6 months. Be sure to sanitize them before use!

Last but not least, you can always free bleed! I personally am not brave enough for this, but anyone who picks this has my full support.

GladRags is a company that provides some of these alternatives and were kind enough to give y’all some discounts. You can use the code TRY1 for $5 off any pad or menstrual cup. This link works for over half off a pantyliner and this one can get students a free pantyliner!

Every good wish,


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