Yay veganism! (kind of)

Hello all! First off, sorry for the long break. My depression tends to either breed productivity or suffocate it. Last month turned out to be the latter. Anyway I went vegan when I left for college in September so its time for the obligatory (mostly) pro-vegan post! Buckle up friends and lets get into it.

Reason one to go vegan: Environmentalism and sustainability! Agriculture is one of the biggest polluters. Between animal waste, fuel, and other sorts of industrial waste, the industrial raising of livestock pumps tons of greenhouse gasses and pollutants into the air and water.

Reason two: Your health! Red meat has been associated to all sorts of health issues. I’ve also found that since going vegan that I have started eating less processed foods That being said, you do have to be very intentional with veganism and health. Be aware of all the vitamins you need and find ways to get them (chia seeds are good for B vitamins and broccoli has lots of calcium). The same is true for protein (eat beans!!).

Reason three: Animal ethics! Many people take this approach to veganism. What it means is that they are vegan on the grounds that eating animal products exploits the animals producing them.

Reason four: Human rights! The harmful pollutants talked about above affect the people who work in the industry. It also has a negative effect on the lives and health of those in communities around the factories.

Reason five: Boycott factory farming! Factory farming is exactly what it sounds like. Food is produced at an industrial scale leading to some horrific things. Watch Food Inc. if you want to learn more about this.

Reason seven: Veganism is anti-capitalist and anti-fascist action! The way we produce food is indicative of the way our society works and the way we produce food is arguably not great. Create change!

Okay so there’s a bunch of reasons why veganism contributes to achieving our goals, but its also important to recognize that veganism isn’t attainable for everyone. People in food deserts, people in less industrialized countries, or people who depend on subsistence lifestyles are just a few examples. There’s also the problem of putting blame on the consumer for harm done by industries.

There’s also some negative environmental impacts. For example agave, a common vegan alternative to honey, is a main food source for certain species of bats. The growing demand for agave is depleting their food. Most produce is shipped to the consumer meaning it has hidden environmental costs that take the form of fossil fuels and potentially greenhouse gasses. This is especially prevalent in places like Alaska, so be aware!

Here’s the thing y’all you don’t have to go all out. It doesn’t have to be a 24/7 thing. Eating less animal products occasionally will still have some of the same benefits. Phase into it, have vegan Wednesdays, etc. You don’t have to be the most radical to make change. Even if you don’t try any of these things at least start thinking more about where your food is coming from. The main message here is to be intentional and thoughtful with your body fuel (and also everything else).

Stay educated. Stay radical. xoxo

Every good wish,


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