Movies for a climate change induced rainy day

Right now in Redlands the weather is fantastic. Right now its 64 degrees, sunny, and I’m writing outside between classes. In Alaska, though is the opposite. January is always the worst. According to my weather app is 38 and slushing. We all know February will be awful and it’ll be awhile before breakup takes hold. On the plus side, its the perfect weather for tea, blankets, and movies. Here’s a list (with an eco spin) to get you through it!

Ojka: I recently discovered this movie on Netflix. It follows the story of a super pig created by a fictional version of Monsanto and the little girl who raises it. Simultaneously heartwarming and heart breaking. It discusses issues of animal rights, GMOs, the food industry, and factory farming.

Fern Gully: The Last Rainforest: This one is less popular, but still a classic. This is good if you have kiddos with you or want a solid throwback to childhood in the 90s. It chronicles the lives of fairies in an Australian rainforest and their fight against loggers and consequent pollution. Major themes of this one are forest conservation and the timber industry.

The True Cost: This one is a documentary. Fair warning you will probably have a fairly large guilt complex after watching it. It investigates the world of fast fashion specifically in terms of economy and workers rights. While watching this one its important to consider environmental concerns as well. Pay attention to what you can to fix the system and find alternatives to fast fashion!

Between Earth and Sky: This one is another documentary specific to Alaska! It investigates climate change through the eyes of Alaskans and highlights how climate change effects our home.

Moana: Now you may not think Moana is environmental, but it 100% is. Her whole journey centers around conservation. There’s also a wonderful feminist message to this and (spoilers) the relationship between Moana and Te Fiti is a nod to sisterhood in the face of exploitation and assault. On the plus side, this is a cute, not at all heavy movie and is also great for kids!

Food Inc: You’ve probably heard of this one, but its still worth the watch. The documentary is a critique of the food industry, factory farms, current workers rights, animal rights, and the organic label (just to name a few). It powerful but also not happy in the slightest.

Wall-E: This one is another movie good for kiddos. It critiques consumerism’s effect on the environment pretty heavily and is also adorable.

Blackfish: This documentary directly critiques SeaWorld and their treatment of orcas. It opens up the conversation of animal rights, animal entertainment, and captivity without the goal of rehabilitation.

The Lorax: This one is a classic and I feel like it had to be included. I’m not a huge fan of the movie adaptation, but it’ll do. Based off the Dr. Seuss book, the Lorax critiques corporations with unsustainable practices. It isn’t a complete downer and reminds us that all hope isn’t lost (yet).

Planet Earth: Anyone who knows me knows I can’t make a list of anything without including Planet Earth. They’re not explicitly political, but they promote the importance of the environment and our relationship to it. Its absolutely gorgeous and David Attenborough narrates it.

If you have any recommendations, let us know!

Every good wish,


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