Tips for Better Sleep Hygiene

Everyone always talks about how getting good sleep is good for metal health, but honestly getting good sleep is super difficult no matter what your mental health is like! The biggest thing that I’ve heard about is sleep hygiene, or creating a healthy before bed routine to encourage a good night’s rest. That can be way harder than it sounds, so here a few tips to use for guidance.

  1. Avoid stimulants! Things like caffeine or nicotine can wake you up. This is not what you want around bed time!
  2. Avoid blue light! Blue light is the kind of light that comes from electronics like your phone or computer. This kind of light sends signals to your brain to stay awake. Luckily most electronics now have an option to turn off blue light.
  3. Don’t do work in your bed! This is at all you students. Doing homework in your bed confuses sleep time with work time. If your subconscious only associates bed with sleeping, it will be a whole lot easier to fall asleep.
  4. Avoid eating heavy food before bed! Food/drinks that are heavy in fat, spicy, or carbonated can cause indigestion. Stomach aches don’t make for a restful sleep!
  5. Create a before bed routine! This is something simple that you do to signal to yourself that its time to wind down. Your routine can be anything from a quick workout, brushing your teeth, meditating, or reading a book.
  6. Finally, have a comfortable sleep environment! Make sure your pillows and mattress are as comfy as possible and your room is at a good temperature. If you need darkness, maybe invest in a sleep mask or some blackout curtains. If you need noise, try a fan, white noise machine, or listening to a music or audio book you like. If you need quiet, get some earplugs.

Again, remember that getting a good nights sleep makes for better mental health! Most importantly, take care of yourself as best you can and be kind to yourself.

Every good wish,

Julia (and Dexter)

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