Privilege of Protesting

Recently I've been thinking about privilege quite a bit. As a white and cis-gendered I have a fair amount of it. Being queer and woman undermines this a bit, but not enough for me to say I'm underprivileged. I'll be framing this bit in terms of my experience and my privileges for easy examples, but … Continue reading Privilege of Protesting

Low Waste Living Pt 2: Sex

Welcome to the second in our series of how to not make trash. Today's subject: sex. You may be thinking "How does sex impact the environment?". Well aside from the obvious (children) there's a few. Birth control to condoms, a lot of trash can be made. That being said, I'm never going to encourage not … Continue reading Low Waste Living Pt 2: Sex

episode 2: title ix

*TRIGGER WARNING* This podcast will discuss issues surrounding discrimination, assault, and rape. HUGE thanks to Erica Moorer and Laken Zitsch with the University of Redlands Title IX office for taking time to talk with me! Hopefully you learn LOTS and spread the info. If you have any questions, ask away! Every good wish, Julia

The Beloved Community: Patrisse Collors and Richard Edmond Vargas

I took three things away from Patrisse Collors and Richard Edmond Vargas: community, intersectionality, and allyship. Community as both support system and a tool, intersectionality as a theory, and allyship as not an identity, but an active choice. In such an isolated, majority white, bubble, these are all things that we need to think about … Continue reading The Beloved Community: Patrisse Collors and Richard Edmond Vargas