Jane Austen’s Insular Radicalism

This paper was submitted by Madeline in Tacoma Washington. She will be presenting it at the Northwest Undergraduate Conference in Humanities on November 3rd, 2018. Abstract This paper will explore how Jane Austen’s reputation as a domestic goddess who was concerned simply with the domestic sphere, ignores the subtle radicalism inherent in her writings. Austen has long … Continue reading Jane Austen’s Insular Radicalism

my activism is a product of my depression

a free write I just came to the realization that I'm only political when I'm sad. The first post on this blog is reactionary. My post about Kavanaugh and anger is reactionary. This post is reactionary. My reason for doing all of this is reactionary. It's a response. It's so inefficient. It's not a way … Continue reading my activism is a product of my depression