Meet the team!

Tasha, Juneau (she/they): Tasha focuses on issues of racial inequality, gender equity, women’s rights, youth engagement, arctic issues, and climate change. They also have tons of experience with political advocacy, social entrepreneurship, writing, and community organizing. Tasha would like to learn more about issues impacting other regions and what organizers in those areas are up to!

Olivia, Fairbanks/Anchorage (she/her): Olivia is first from Fairbanks, but now lives in Anchorage. While Olivia can’t roll her r’s, wink, or whistle she does have years of experience in electoral campaign work, brief stint in the legislature, non-profit and fundraising work. Her work focuses on voting rights, accessibility, corrections and criminal justice, labor and LGBTQ rights, and Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault prevention. Olivia is hoping to gain experience in non-electoral organizing and different form of communication.

Tristan, Fairbanks (he/they): Tristan focuses on climate justice, economic transition, Indigenous rights, and progressive coalition-building like the Fireweed Collective!  His strengths lie in community organizing, social movement strategy, policy, and political economy. They are interested in learning how to produce more media such as podcasts or film.

Lynette, Dutch Harbor/Anchorage (she/her): Lynette splits her time between Dutch Harbor and Anchorage.  She focuses on Indigenous issues, Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women/Girls, Climate Change, Just Transition, Medicaid,  and Black Lives Matter. She has experience canvassing, campaigning, phone banking, volunteering, public speaking, speech writing, story telling, and with rural outreach.

Leila Kodiak/Fairbanks (she/her): Leila focuses on arctic issues of climate and salmon. She also focuses on youth education and the arts. Art and education are also her favorite activist tools. She’d like to learn Alaska’s real history, food justice, storytelling, and political systems.

Jeremy, Palmer (he/him): Jeremy has spent time in Juneau, Bristol Bay, and soon Fairbanks. He has experience in community organizing, organizational structure, sustainability and economic justice. Jeremy is hoping to learn more about local Alaskan history.

Julia, Palmer (they/them): Julia focuses on environmental, reproductive, and LGBTQ+ issues. They have experience with both governmental and nonprofit work, community organizing and outreach, policy work, storytelling and canvassing. They would like to learn more about city level politics and electoral campaigning.

Kengo, Anchorage (he/him): Kengo focuses on environmental justice and youth outreach. Hes good at bringing people together to create action. Kengo is looking forward to connecting and collaborating with new people and learning about the civil rights history in Alaska.

Su, Anchorage (she/her): Su’s work focuses on environmental justice, community building, and civic engagement. She’s been working at Alaska Community Action on Toxics as Civic Engagement coordinator since the winter of 2017 and she wears several other hats including NAPAWF, Sierra club, and AK Rising tide. There are many things she’d like to learn and get better at but a priority would be to embrace mistakes and discomfort. She enjoys art, hikes, and good food among other things.

Jasmine, Eagle River (she/her): Jasmine focuses on youth voter engagement and democracy. In addition to Fireweed Collective, she is involved with Anchorage Youth Vote, League of Women Voters, and Alaska Women for Political Action. She wants to develop her leadership skills and is also learning sign language.

Alexander, Fairbanks (any pronouns: Alexander found feminism and intersectionality while trying to figure out how they fit into their passions for environmental action, psychology, and anthropology at UAF, and has since found vital sustenance and inspiration in mixing them all together. They want to get better at personally and collectively understanding how to co-create life peaceably as humans, alongside our non-human relatives, and meanwhile loves accountability, life (with ALS), being sassy, and sharing music and food.

Esau, Shishmaref (he/him): I primarily work on climate justice, rights of Indigenous People’s, protection of our marine life/oceans, and ally to many different campaigns across the state of Alaska. I am a community organizer/Professional Volunteer. I would love to learn more about just transition and learn how to be a better ally to all issues/campaigns. I have 36 siblings!

Griffin, Seward (he/him): Griffin focuses on state political reform, climate justice, and youth engagement. As a graduate of Alaska Youth for Environmental Action, he continues to be involved in the development of statewide youth advocacy and environmental education programs. While he spends most summers in Seward as a naturalist and climate educator, he hopes to learn more about movements and policies to promote economic justice and healthy communities in Alaska.