Movies for a climate change induced rainy day

Right now in Redlands the weather is fantastic. Right now its 64 degrees, sunny, and I'm writing outside between classes. In Alaska, though is the opposite. January is always the worst. According to my weather app is 38 and slushing. We all know February will be awful and it'll be awhile before breakup takes hold. … Continue reading Movies for a climate change induced rainy day

radicalize your new year’s resolutions

Happy New Year! 2019 starts tomorrow and there's an inevitable flood of "new year new me!" taking over the world. A word of caution though. New Years Resolutions, like everything else, are political. While I'm not really one for resolutions (after all change should be constant, not just for January), I'm looking at 2019 as … Continue reading radicalize your new year’s resolutions

The Beloved Community: Patrisse Collors and Richard Edmond Vargas

I took three things away from Patrisse Collors and Richard Edmond Vargas: community, intersectionality, and allyship. Community as both support system and a tool, intersectionality as a theory, and allyship as not an identity, but an active choice. In such an isolated, majority white, bubble, these are all things that we need to think about … Continue reading The Beloved Community: Patrisse Collors and Richard Edmond Vargas

Jane Austen’s Insular Radicalism

This paper was submitted by Madeline in Tacoma Washington. She will be presenting it at the Northwest Undergraduate Conference in Humanities on November 3rd, 2018. Abstract This paper will explore how Jane Austen’s reputation as a domestic goddess who was concerned simply with the domestic sphere, ignores the subtle radicalism inherent in her writings. Austen has long … Continue reading Jane Austen’s Insular Radicalism