Yay veganism! (kind of)

Hello all! First off, sorry for the long break. My depression tends to either breed productivity or suffocate it. Last month turned out to be the latter. Anyway I went vegan when I left for college in September so its time for the obligatory (mostly) pro-vegan post! Buckle up friends and lets get into it. … Continue reading Yay veganism! (kind of)

radicalize your new year’s resolutions

Happy New Year! 2019 starts tomorrow and there's an inevitable flood of "new year new me!" taking over the world. A word of caution though. New Years Resolutions, like everything else, are political. While I'm not really one for resolutions (after all change should be constant, not just for January), I'm looking at 2019 as … Continue reading radicalize your new year’s resolutions

On the talk

Harvard's Making Caring Common Project  recently came out with a new study exploring the stereotypical teen experience. The findings reveal that most people, teens included, assume that hook-up culture is huge in high school and college. This is not the case. This focus on hook-up culture eclipses two more relevant issues: sexual harassment and healthy romantic … Continue reading On the talk